ELEV8 Youth



Here at The Lord’s Church, we believe in “generational alignment”.  This means that we believe each generation, young and old, must align together and join hands to step into all that God has for us in this day and hour.  We do not discriminate against your youth, but rather embrace their zeal and excitement and unlimited energy. You won’t find them shut away in a back room at the church or pushed aside when it comes to ministry.  We believe the Christian teens of today have much to offer. We value them and their anointing and believe God has a powerful call on this younger generation.

Middle to High School students meet for praise and worship led by the ELEV8 Worship Band, relevant teachings ministered by our youth pastors as well as our E8 Leaders, games, and so much more!  Food and a time to hang out is offered before every service in our awesome E8 Building!  Special activities and outings are planned on a regular basis – check the church calendar!