"Real worship defies definition, it can only be experienced." (Morris Smith)

Worship is the very core of who we are and what we do at TLC.  Each of us is created to know God and bring glory to Him. 

Every Sunday morning we come before God's throne in reverence and celebration of what He has done for us.

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Production Team
Our technicians are the beloved backbone of all worship arts ministries...without them, nobody else could stand!

We've put together a team who cares about your experience at church.  Our tech team works with the sound board and audio equipment, making sure everything works properly for worship music, videos, and microphones that are used to deliver God's Word each week.  They are also trained in operating our projectors, screens, and cameras in order to give you the best visual experience possible.  While we realize that nothing goes perfect 100% of the time, we still strive for a level of excellence in all that we do because we serve an excellent God and we care about stepping into every moment with our best foot forward! 

This vital team is a big part of every service.